Using Natural Pheromone Scents

Feb 02

If you’re wondering how to use this in your dating world, for sale or in your relationship, here we have a strategy for you to use these 6 needs as a measure of how well your relationship is going with pheromones. Here it is: You want to measure grade these 6 needs, and how much you feel they are being met out of 10. And by that we mean – grade how much significance, certainty, variety, love/connection, contribution and growth YOU are feeling in the relationship – and then do the same for him by using natural pheromone scents. Learn more at and 
You can outwardly ask him, if you want, and say “how much significance are you feeling in this relationship?”. However, that may be too forward for you if he doesn’t yet know about these needs. So – your other choice is to put yourself in HIS shoes. And see life through HIS eyes, and look at HIS world. This takes work, no kidding. Us humans aren’t so good at it. It takes an enormous level of compassion with pheromones. But the good news is, if you care enough, it will come easier to you. Just ask yourself, “how SIGNIFICANT does [insert your man’s name] feel in this relationship right now? And “how certain is he that I love him? How much certainty does he have that I am THERE for him, and that I don’t put anything else before HIM?”  Check out pheromones at
Then do the same for the other needs as well, for example: “how much are we growing together right now?” “How connected does he (or me) or we, feel when we are together?” or do you guys feel distant and disconnected with natural pheromone scents? 
This is how you use the 6 human needs to make sure you r relationship with your man – or your relationships with men and on the right track, and not veering off in to nowhere, and soon enough, he might say: “hey, I’m not sure about us anymore…” When you meet all of these needs at a level of an 8, 9, or 10 consistently – you guys won’t be able to be apart. That’s when you know you have a great relationship using pheromones.
Don’t Miss Next Month’s Attraction Control Monthly… That’s it for another volume of Attraction Control Monthly. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it has certainly been our pleasure putting it together for you. Next month is our 12 th volume of Attraction Pheromone Control Monthly, and congratulations for making it this far! It has really been our privilege to have you onboard with us for the last 12 months.
And the fact that you’re still with us, probably means you’ve enjoyed reading this series of ACM, and perhaps getting some great results in your love life too. What we’re going to cover next month is important whether you’re just starting a relationship or whether you’ve been in one for twenty years. You see, in every relationship, one of the biggest challenges that we all get to face is to keep each other close using natural pheromones. 

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