How to market your product or service tactfully?

Jul 17

At one time I didn’t have my own product. I had an awesome service and there was just one major problem… No one knew about me or who I was! Business was, at its very best… horrible! A sad confession there.Then a trusted, multi-million dollar earning mentor said to me, “Everybody already has the knowledge needed to write a book or create any type of information product they want.” I decided I had to get this done and chose the path of publishing my book. It all began with the time it takes to have a simple phone conversation. What followed however, was a long, arduous learning curve before I finally accomplished my goal. The good news? I was able to build up a world class digital transcription service. And now, very high-end professionals find me, and my business has become what I always dreamt it could be.

What Does All This Have To Do With You? Let us get right to the heart of the matter…Do you have presentations, workshops, lectures, coaching sessions or trainings and teachings sitting around somewhere on your computer in digital format? Or maybe they’re on cassette tapes, video tapes or on a digital video camera?

Do you frequently offer the same instructions or guidance about a particular subject you specialize in… and verbally say it over, and over, and over again? Or, maybe you’ve got some unique, hot information bubbling around inside of yourself and you just don’t know the steps, have the time, confidence or self-belief to getting your wisdom into the hands of people who really need it?

Are you tired and fed-up with writing special reports, individual blog posts, articles, social media entries or emails one-by-one? Well, you’re not alone!And if you don’t identify with any of the above suggested scenarios… then leave this page immediately. Let’s not waste anyone’s valuable time. The insider-methods for quickly creating profitable information products and a host of other “info-sound-bites” are not for your eyes.Still here? Good. Guess what…90% of All Information Products In the Marketplace Are Created by 10% (or Less) of the “Experts” in Any Given Niche! And that statistic may be a bit generous. It might be more like 96% and 4%.Either way – Doesn’t this sound a little bit like unfair domination – at best? Worst case, it sounds like a self-selected handful get to nominate themselves authoritative experts who then can manipulate and even “pontificate” to an unsuspecting market… just because they have authored an information product of some kind. What do you think?Do you have products of your own that have elevated you to expert status? And if not, why? It’s probably because of one or more of these several reasons.You proceed with caution or not at all because…You fear rejection.You don’t know how to get from an idea to a finished product.You’re uncomfortable with the technology required to get the job done.You don’t think what you have to offer delivers any value.You think it is cost-prohibitive to create/produce your heart’s passion.You fear success and the associated accountability/responsibility. … and that’s just for starters. What’s yours? What is holding you back?

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