Different types of scarves and which is the best for you

Oct 09

Different types of scarves and which is the best for you

Let’s get necky!

Yeah, you heard that right! Let us get necky with all the different types of neck wear! From bandanas, to scarves to neck ties! Do you know how to wear a scarf? Do you know how to tie a scarf? That is what we are going to discuss in just a jiffy!

But just before we get all necky with scarves, let me tell you more about the advantages of owning, having or wearing one! Let us say you have to run an errand, you know that it’s not usually fun for some people, especially when you have to run to the store to buy groceries and worse still, it is snowing or so damn cold! That is where a scarf comes in, to save you all the hustles and bustles of a cold life! Do you know how to come out looking professional during a very cold weather? Scarves is the perfect answer for you, it looks great paired with a trench coat for example!

A scarf can brighten up your look if you so wish, a scarf can also help you in case of an emergency. Look at this scenario: you have with you a long scarf, then by accident you trip and your dress or trouser gets torn, you can then use this scarf, or also known as a shawl to cover yourself up as you look for an alternative solution.

So how does one wear a scarf you ask? Scarves are usually worn on the neck for different occasions. Majority of people generally use the short scarf for any occasion. When one uses a pashmina scarf made from cashmere, the skin can breathe very well. Scarves made from silk look very elegant and trendy. It is soft, light and very comfortable to wear. Scarves also come in different shapes and here’s a list of them and how to wear them!

Pashmina Wrap or Shawl Scarf:

These are usually rectangular in shape and used when it’s cold. One can wear it by wrapping it over the shoulders. One can wear it in the morning, evening and over a coat.

The Infinity scarf:

This kind of scarf usually goes around and round and looks like something that never ends, or a loop. This is made by trying the ends of the scarf together and placing it over your neck. They come in different textures like in silk, or even as heavy as the blanket. They are stylish and cool and can worn over coats and jackets.

Square Scarf:

These kinds of scarfs are usually tied around the neck, and come usually in silk. This can be worn with skirt suits for ladies.

Blanket Scarf:

This kind of scarf is usually heavier than the rest and also bigger. It can be worn casually to dinners for example.

Snood scarf:

Snood is a tube-like scarf, and it has to go through your head for you to wear it. It can also act like a hood. It can be worn with a coat and can be used as a hood, to protect the neck, ears and nose from cold. It is usually worn casually.




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